Favorite DAW reborn

This post might not mean a lot to the agency peeps who frequent our site.... But to the Composers--- Ableton 10 is here! WoooooooHooooooooo! 

Before Thor

Everybody's been raving about the awesome Thor, but the movies that first introduced us to director Taika Waititi's awesomeness were "What we do in the Shadows" and our absolute favorite "Hunt for the Wilderpeople". If you haven't seen them stop reading this and go check them out. Then come back and ask us to make some music for you.

Ever wanted to own your own record label?

Now you can. Purveyors of cool Noon Pacific have launched a 'community-built co-op modeled label where everyone involved is working to help the artists with the release. Everything from the artwork to PR to social media assets and photoshoots is done by the community.' Pretty cool! Check it out here